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Comprehensive Approach

Your body is an amazing organism!  You have trillions of cells, hundreds of organs and over a dozen systems all working together!  In other words, you are more than just a Thyroid, a Gut, or a Heart.  Unfortunately, this is how we are often treated by many of our health care professionals.  Most of the time we are given a diagnosis, put in a treatment box, and told to just "live" with our condition.

What if instead of "chasing" symptoms, a comprehensive approach was taken to uncover the underlying "root" cause of your health concerns?  Instead of simply taking another pill you were given answers and guidance on how you can NATURALLY improve upon your health?  Our unique BioSpecific Wellness Program does just that!

Unique Lab Testing

You are DIFFERENT than everyone else!  The only way to truly understand what makes you different and to have a 100% customized plan to help you achieve your health with lab testing.  Unfortunately, most health care providers are limited in what labs they can utilize due to insurance and group management restrictions.  As a result, answers to your health concerns are never discovered leaving you suffering with symptoms and frustrated about your health.

We utilize some of the most advance laboratories in the country to help uncover the "root" cause of your problem.  This allows us to discover answers for you and provide you a 100% customized plan of action to regain your health!  Our motto is "Don't Guess, Test!" and our BioSpecific Wellness Program provides the clarity you need to optimize your health!

Coaching & Mentorship

It is believed that 94% of all failure is a result of NOT having a system in place!  Achieving your health goals is no exception.  Pro athletes and high level executives implement coaches to ensure that they preform at their highest levels and for you to reach the highest level of health that you desire you will need coaching and mentorship too.

We specialize in guiding you along your health journey.  Our step-by-step easy to follow program walks you through the necessary "changes" you may need to make in order to regain your health.  We offer support through our classes, one-on-one coaching sessions, and consultations to maximize your results and enable your success.  Our BioSpecific Wellness Program gets results because we partner with you every step of the way!