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Fatigue, Weight Gain, Brain Fog, Thinning Hair, Brittle Nails, Depression, Insomnia…Do You Have an Unresolved Hormone Problem? Join Us for Our FREE Seminar and Get the Answers and Solutions You’ve Been Searching For!

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Tuesday, Jan. 22nd @ 6:30 pm

at Harper’s Restaurant

Have you been to your primary care doctor for symptoms such as: fatigue, weight gain, brittle nails, thinning hair, brain fog, depression, insomnia or other Hormone related issues? Have you had your TSH levels tested to see if you have a thyroid problem? Have you been put on medications or been told that your lab tests are "normal" and "fine", but you STILL have unresolved symptoms without a solution?

If so, there is hope and there are other options!

Hi, I'm Dr. Tunis Hunt. I have a very unique practice, where I focus on helping patients suffering with complex and unresolved Hormone and health symptoms. I bring a very unique approach for complex health conditions in that I get to the root cause of problems to help my patients regain health and optimum wellness successfully.

You’re invited to attend my FREE health and wellness seminar...

This dynamic educational seminar will teach you why fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, insomnia, depression (and many other symptoms) could be a misdiagnosed or undiagnosed Hormone problem and what to do about these symptoms.

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During This FREE Seminar You Will Learn:

  • The different patterns of thyroid dysfunction and why most treatment options do not address one or more of these patterns.

  • What autoimmune conditions are and how they can “attack” the thyroid gland and other tissues in the body.

  • Why medication won’t cure you, and if you do take medication, what you need to do to your “system” so they medications can actually work.

  • Why bloodwork can be misleading and often cause additional problems...and what can be done about it.

  • What really works to get relief from Hormone symptoms in the most safe, effective and healthy way possible for your unique needs.


Harper’s REstaurant

11059 Carolina Pl Pkwy
Pineville, NC 28134

Watch Dr. Hunt on NBC and learn the 3 important keys to improving your Thyroid Health. What is the correct testing, how your other organs play a role, and the #1 reason why so many Americans have Thyroid disease!

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