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Frequently Asked Questions About our Biospecific Wellness program

What is the best way of completely understanding what your BioSpecific Wellness program is and how it may improve my health?

- Request more information and watch our video. Click HERE.

Who gets the best results in your BioSpecific Wellness Program?

- Our goal is to maximize the health of all of our clients. Having said that, we understand that our BioSpecific Wellness program may not be a good fit for everyone.  Only those individuals who are committed to having the proper lab testing preformed, making the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes, and embracing an attitude of "controlling their own health", will enjoy the benefits offered from our program.  Individuals looking for a “quick fix” or a “magic pill” will simply be disappointed as those things do not exist.

What Labs do you preform that are unique from my other doctors?

- We use a variety of labs that other health care providers do not use.  Our main goal is to comprehensively evaluate your health, and depending on what your current health concerns and symptoms are, we may recommend a variety of labs.  Unfortunately, most health care practitioners are limited in the testing they can preform because of insurance stipulations and managed care contracts.  We are not limited to certain labs and can recommend "functional" labs that provide insight were other labs are limited.  Our labs can consist of blood, saliva, urine, and stool panels. 

Does my insurance pay for your wellness program?

- Although we are In-Network providers for Chiropractic care your insurance coverage doesn't pay for our wellness program services.  We offer a very unique approach that utilizes the latest lab testing and "true" mentorship and guidance that allows us to get amazing results.  Unfortunately, however, this model isn't supported by the insurance industry and we cannot file traditional insurance claims for these services.  If you have Flexible Spending or an HSA account, however, we have been successful in utilizing those monies toward our wellness program.

Can I afford your program without insurance?

Absolutely!  We work with all types of people and walks of life.  In fact, many of our clients are either on Retired incomes, Fixed incomes, Single moms and Single dads.  Our goal is to work with you to find a solution to fit into your budget.  If you are serious about regaining your health we won't let finances get in your way!

How do I get started with your program?

- Simply request more information!  Click HERE to get started.

What if I do not live in the Charlotte, NC area, can I still be part of your program?

- Absolutely!  We have clients who work with us from all over the world.  With today's communication technology and drop shipping methods, we can successfully help someone from almost anywhere.  Call us for details!

Still have other questions?

- Contact us!  You can email us by completing the form HERE.  Or call us at (704) 588-1792 and speak with a member of our team.