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I asked Dr. Hunt, Jr. if he would work with me on my nutrition. Best decision I have ever made!. A very thorough lab test was performed and he was able to target specific areas that needed some work.  For me it was my cholesterol, thyroid and weight. His method isn’t a cookie cutter approach.  Everyone is different and he designs a food and supplement plan for the individual.

Nora Calahan

I started using the Bio-Nutrition service that Dr Hunt Jr. offers.  Dr Hunt had more intensive tests done to truly figure out what is wrong.  My thyroid was only a symptom of my overall condition.  Dr Hunt found the root cause, stage 3-adrenal fatigue!  He listened to me, my concerns, my focus and put together a plan of attack. He spends the time to explain exactly what is going on.

Roxanne Russell

Dr. Hunt Jr actually dug deeper and he is the most thorough doctor I have seen. After finding out and correcting what the real underlying issues where, I started feeling better very quickly. I can make it thru the day without needing a nap, I look forward to continuing my journey to complete health with a provider that takes the time to heal the whole me, not just my symptoms.

Becky Pruett

About Dr. Hunt

Dr. Tunis Hunt is on a mission to educate, inspire, and empower the world to reach its health potential. A practitioner of health and nutrition since 2005, Dr. Hunt has facilitated change in thousands of lives while building one of the largest wellness clinics in the United States.

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