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An All-natural holistic Wellness Program based on your unique biochemistry


Why We Get Results When Others Fail

The System

The Human Body is the most advanced system on the planet. Like every system, all the pieces must work in harmony to achieve the highest levels of efficiency. Thyroid dysfunction, GI disturbances, blood sugar problems like Diabetes, and Weight gain can all be symptoms of disharmony among the systems of the body and our BioSpecific Wellness Program can help to set your systems straight.

Our program is scientifically driven, bio-nutritionally conscious, and a 100% custom health and weight loss solution that will not only help you shed pounds, but will determine the underlying health problems that contribute to unwanted weight gain, low energy, GI issues, and hormonal imbalances. Multiple factors can cause poor health, and we look at more than 80 biological markers to determine which systems of the body are functioning poorly, why they are in this current condition, and how we can set things right.

This is scientific health restoration and weight loss based on your specific Bio-Chemistry.

The Program

In order to provide lasting weight loss and life long health, we are founded on the motto "Don't Guess, Test!".  We utilize the latest scientific testing to uncover the factors that are contributing to your health concerns.

The foundation of our unique BioSpecific Wellness Program is the BioSpecific Health Assessment.

Using our proprietary software, we are able to uncover factors and "trends" in your blood work that many other health care providers may miss.  Instead of using "lab ranges" to evaluate your blood work, which provide merely a screening tool, we use "healthy ranges" that allow us to help you address issues BEFORE they become serious.  By taking this pro-active approach we can not only help you eliminate current symptoms, but prevent you from having to deal with additional issues later.  This is truly a 100% customization health solution based on your unique bio-chemistry!

                          BioSpecific Health Assessment- Example

                          BioSpecific Health Assessment- Example

Our program takes a holistic approach by determining lifestyle, dietary, and systematic factors to create a plan of action for bringing your body into optimum balance and restoring the healthy you.

Using your consultation and lab results, we create a custom program designed specifically for your bio-specific needs that will correct the deficits in your nutritional intake, balance your internal biological systems, and create harmony within the body. With synergy restored, your body will begin returning to its normal weight and healthy function. With weight loss and a healthy body, you will start to feel better, have more energy, and experience fewer health problems.

The Factors

We begin with each patient by sitting down and discussing all of your health concerns and goals.  We believe that most providers don't spend the necessary time to get to know you personally or to fully understand all of your underlying concerns.  In addition, we will evaluate any current or old lab work that you may have to determine what additional comprehensive testing we believe is necessary.  There are multiple systems that must be working in conjunction to ensure optimal health, and many factors that we must consider when recommending a program for your health goals.

What are these factors?

If just one of your systems is not working efficiently it can lead to unexplained symptoms and chronic health concerns.  Like a well-crafted Swiss watch that relies on all of its gears to work in unison, your body is an interdependent group of systems that must work in harmony to produce optimal health.

We thoroughly evaluate each and every one of these systems to ensure "no stone is left unturned" so we can address all the underlying factors to your health and weight loss struggles.  By ensuring all of the "gears" are working normally again we can improve your weight loss efforts, eliminate unwanted symptoms, and prevent relapses from occurring.

The Diet

Food is fuel. If we were to give you a Ferrari, you would never fill it with diesel fuel when obviously it needs premium unleaded. Then why would you put the wrong fuel into your body? As we've said before, you are the most advanced system in the world. You need the right fuel.

Making a healthy decision to change your diet is about education in conjunction with the medical discoveries we will make in this program. We will teach you which foods are best for putting your body back into its optimal shape, and creating long lasting health.

By redefining what you feel is appropriate to go into your body, you will see a significant change in the health and energy that comes out of it. 

The Education

Our goal is to help you "take control of your health" so that you can live at your fullest potential independent of drugs and surgeries. We understand to effectively do, this we must provide you with the proper tools and resources.  With the confusion created on the internet today concerning health and nutrition, we understand many people are uncertain on what path to take in regaining their health.

We have created a curriculum that walks you through a step-by-step process to show you all the tools necessary to improve your health and lifestyle design.  This knowledge will not only empower you to change your own health, but give you the tools to impact the lives of your loved ones.

The Process

Our goal is to help as many people as possible achieve their health and weight loss goals.  We understand, however, that our program may not be a good fit for everyone.  Only those individuals who are committed to having the proper testing performed, making the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes, and embracing an attitude of "controlling their own health", will enjoy the benefits offered from our program.

To ensure our program remains extremely successful, we only accept those cases in which we feel confident that we can help.   To determine if our program will be a good fit for you, we invite you to attend one of our upcoming events.  

Ready To Regain Your Health!

If you are "sick and tired" of being sick and tired and are ready for a unique program that can help you achieve your health and weight loss goals, then we encourage you to register for one of our events today.  End your weight and health related struggles now and start living at your full health potential!

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