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Scarlett describes how Dr. Hunt helped her lose weight, improve her joints, and get her life back!
Paul explains how is entire health has improved and how easily he lost over 15 lbs!

I am Confident I Have Found A Trusted And Effective Chiropractor
I have been a chiropractic patient for many years and was looking for a practice in the Charlotte area. After my first visit and adjustment I am confident I have found a trusted and effective Chiropractor to meet my needs.


Staff was exceptionally polite. The overall experience was very enjoyable, staff and Dr. Hunt did a fantastic job of alleviating my nerves and anxiety. All around a fantastic experience. I have found my wellness doctors for life.


Positive First Impression
I had a very positive first time impression. Staff was very thorough, compassionate to what I was experiencing. I left feeling better than when I arrived. Based on my first impression I would definitely recommend this chiropractic center.


Jon & Jessica share how Dr. Hunt helped them lose weight, boost energy and gave them a better outlook for their family.
Rhonda explains how her Thyroid has improved and over all energy is better!

So Happy
Been looking for a new chiropractor since I relocated and Dr. Hunt was the first that didn’t make me feel like I was seeing a salesperson! Adjustments were exactly what I needed! So happy I found him!


Questions Answered
This was my first visit to a chiropractor. The staff and Dr. Hunt were excellent in answering all of my questions. I felt completely comfortable in their care. Everything was explained in a manner that I felt that they were serious about taking care of my situation.


Lindsay explains how her Thyroid health has improved despite previous thyroid cancer and Hashimoto's!

Elma describes how her diabetes has improved after struggling with it for 40 years.

I am very grateful to have been referred to such an amazing office. I have only been a few times and the ladies already know my name. It is such a refreshing feeling.


Welcome And Comfortable
Made me feel very welcome and comfortable! They are awesome!


My experience was great.


Wish I’d Of Visited Sooner
This was my first experience with a chiropractor. Wish I had visited sooner!


Great First Experience
Great first experience. Everyone in the office is professional and helpful.


A Difference In Our Wellness
Dr. Estela was remarkable in her way with my two young children. Better than most pediatrician as engaging them in the process. She also adjusted us each in a new way that I think had made a difference on our wellness.

-April C.

My First Ever Visit
I did not quite know what to expect when I went in for my first ever chiropractic visit this morning. I was pleased to be greeted by a professional and courteous staff. There was a warm and calming feeling throughout the building. The conversation with Dr. Hunt Jr. was informative and he made me feel very comfortable. After that I received an adjustment from Dr. Hunt Jr.. He talked me through every move he made. I felt like I was in really good hands. Now, I am actually looking forward to my next visit at Hunt For Wellness. I would strongly encourage you to make a good decision for your body and pay them a visit!

-Brian J.

Scoliosis and Migraines
“I have been a patient of Hunt Clinic of Chiropractic since 10/24/01. I can truly say they have made a positive impact on my life. I have scoliosis and suffer from tightness in my upper back as well as migraines. Since being treated my symptoms have subsided and given me more energy. I am definitely enjoying life more and their care has helped positively change my demeanor towards my family and others due to the lack of pain. I can not thank them enough for everything they and their staff have done for me. Thanks again!!”

-Jeffrey W. Gawlick

Low Back Pain
“I had been experiencing some pain and discomfort in my lower back. Being a Senior Citizen I had attributed these symptoms to arthritis and believed it was something I just needed to learn to live with. The intensity of the pain increased over a two-month period, and finally I considered visiting a chiropractor to see if something could be done.

After Dr. Tunis C. Hunt Jr. took some x-rays, he was able to determine the root cause of my pain. I went for a series of adjustments and the results have been quite beneficial. During my first few visits I took my friends “fear and apprehension” along with me. These “friends” usually accompany when I go to places that are unknown and/or unfamiliar. I did experience some discomfort from the adjustments during the first couple weeks of therapy. This was to be expected, because my body had spent many years molding into patterns that were not beneficial to my health.

After the first couple of weeks my back was greatly improved. I can now turn around and see out the back window of the car, which I couldn’t do for a along time. I can also sit on the couch and pick something up off the coffee table without shooting pains in my lower back.

I highly recommend a visit to the Hunt Clinic if you have never been. Dr. Tunis C. Hunt Jr. is very personable, gentle, and caring. He not only wants to help free you of your pain, but tries to provide you with the information needed to live a healthy life. He never tries to “drum up” business for himself. After the initial adjustment period, he has allowed me to decide if I want to continue to visit and the frequency of my visits. There is never any pressure to return.

There is a saying that says “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” So if you want something to change, maybe it is time to do something different and see if chiropractic care is something that would benefit you.”

- Donna J. Coulfield

Pain Free!
“I was introduced to chiropractic services about a year ago. I didn’t realize the range of benefits nor the full impact of healing and well being I would receive and continue to benefit from. After my initial treatment phase was completed and I was “pain” free, I have continued to benefit from monthly adjustments to remain that way physically and also for my emotional well-being. I would and do recommend Hunt Chiropractic Clinic- not just anyone will do.”

- Jan Konetchy

Low Back Pain
“Whether from a car accident 10 years ago or being pregnant twice or even the lifting of products from my Pampered Chef business, I have had a lower back problem for a long time. It’s not a problem a doctor can take care of except with pain killers or surgery. The problem is strengthening and stretching. Coming to see Dr. Hunt was overwhelming to me but made the Biggest change in my life. I love to cook, but standing to long would really kill me, now my back feels strong and gets stronger everyday! If it wasn’t for me following the exact plan he set for me I would still be in pain. Thank you Dr. Hunt!”

- Misty Grant

I’m getting my life back!

After a bout of bronchitis during the winter I found myself not bouncing back the way I should have. My body hurt, I was tired all the time andI knew something wasn’t right.  Being stubborn and quite frankly a little scared of what was happening to me I continued to ignore my symptoms. My stress level increased, the muscle and joint pain increased, my weight was skyrocketing , my thyroid levels were bouncing up and down and my ability to deal with just about everythingstarted to spiral downward.

One day I pulled into Hunt Chiropracticand inquired about an adjustment.  Although I was terrified, Dr Hunt, Jr. put me at ease and was able to give me some immediate relief of my pain.  I thought WOW, I’m cured.  Unfortunately, I went back to the same way of living and the aches and pains came right back.  I had to change something and I knew if I went to my physician I would be given a lecture about weight and cholesterol but no tools of how to reach my goals.

I asked Dr. Hunt, Jr. if he would work with me on my nutrition. Best decision I have ever made! A very thorough lab test was performed and he was able totarget specific areas that needed some work.  For me it was my cholesterol, thyroid and weight. His method isn’t a cookie cutter approach.  Everyone is different and he designs a food andsupplement plan for the individual.

Immediately I began to sleep better, handle stress better, and enjoy being around people again. In two months, my cholesterol is under 200, I have lost 30lbs, my need for prescription thyroid medication has decreased. My allergies have vanished.  No more heartburn, the weight continues to decrease.  No aches and pains or feeling run down, and this is just the beginning!

This isn’t a diet, this is a healthy lifestyle that my body was begging for. I am forever grateful to Dr. Hunt, Jr.  for partnering with me on this remarkable journey.

- Nora Calahan

My thyroid was only a symptom of my overall condition

I have been a chiropractic patient for 2+ years of Dr. Hunt.  I highly recommend him.  3-months ago, I was told that my thyroid level was low and that I needed to start medication… probably for life.  I was not feeling well (very tired, could not remember anything, lots of anxiety, not my happy-self).  I believe medicine is important and there is a time and place for it.  But, I knew it was not now. 

Instead, I started using the Bio-Nutrition service that Dr. Hunt Jr. offers.  Dr. Hunt had more intensive tests done to truly figure out what is wrong.  My thyroid was only a symptom of my overall condition.  Dr. Hunt found the root cause, stage 3-adrenal fatigue!  He listened to me, my concerns, my focus and put together a plan of attack.  Plus, he spendsthe time to explain exactly what is going on in my body and how things work together. 

The body is truly amazing!  Dr. Hunt makes himself available to answer additional questions that come up along the way.  1-month later, I feel like my old-self again.  It is a long road to recovery (3-6 months) but feeling good makes everything so much better!   I feel he has my best interest at heart.  I highly recommend Dr. Hunt Jr. and his Bio-Nutritional services. 

- Roxanne Russell

Getting to the root cause made all the difference!

I came to Dr. Hunt Jr. exhausted, overweight, unable to lose weight and very frustrated with my health in general. Other doctors would only test my thyroid and when it came back normal they said it was all in my head or that I wasn't trying hard enough. Dr. Hunt Jr actually dug deeper and he is the most thorough doctor I have seen.

After finding out and correcting what the real underlying issues, I started feeling better very quickly. I can make it thru the day without needing a nap, I've lost 20 lbs., and the most amazing miracle is after 4.5 years of infertility I am now 6 weeks pregnant! I look forward to continuing my journey to complete health with a provider that takes the time to heal the whole me, not just my symptoms.

Thank you again for being such a great doctor!!

- Becky Puett