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When is comes to achieving health goals, nothing is more sought after than achieving an ideal body image and size.  Billions of dollars are spent annually on the seemingly endless supply of weight loss products and programs.  

Unfortunately, however, for many of these individuals, true and lasting weight loss is never achieved and often results in a constant fluctuation of body size and weight.  Millions of women and men are left frustrated and suffering with: 

  • Inability to lose weight despite Diet & Exercise

  • Weight Loss Plateaus

  • Weight Loss followed by Weight Gain

  • Feeling worse after exercise

  • Fat accumulating on thighs and hips

  • Abdominal fat that just wont go away

The good news is that weight loss doesn't have to be an ongoing struggle.  When the proper approach is taken, results can be achieved where other methods have failed.  We believe that every individual is unique, consisting of specific biochemistry, life experiences, and weight loss history.  By evaluating your unique biochemsitry we can take a "scientific" approach to your weight loss and offer successful solutions.


Like other symptoms, weight gain is simply an indication that something is not quite working correctly in your body.  Weight gain is a response to hormonal imbalances, improper glucose handling, and metabolic disturbances to your GI and detoxification pathways.   These systems must be working in perfect harmony in order for your body to lose and maintain weight loss.

Too often, we approach weight gain as the problem instead of the symptom that it really is.  This leads us to use calorie restrictive diets, excessive exercise, and dangerous medications and supplements in an attempt to reach our desired goals.  Not only do these methods not typically work, they often result in further metabolic damage and weight gain.


You are uniquely designed and completely different than every other person. Most weight loss programs, however, treat you like every other person.  You are given the same diets, told to exercise the same, and prescribed the same medications and supplements.  This often leads to less than desired results and continued frustration.

Our BioSpecific Health & Weight Loss Program unlocks your weight loss potential by taking a scientific approach to your health.  By using comprehensive testing to evaluate your unique individualized biochemistry, we can offer solutions that are "customized" and specifically designed for you.  This takes all the guess work out of losing weight and provides you with the weight loss results you desire.


Our goal is to provide you with lasting lifetime results.  We believe as you become healthier, your ability to maintain an ideal weight becomes easier.  This is why we put an emphasis on regaining your health by addressing all underlying issues versus simply watching a scale.  By equipping you with dietary and lifestyle recommendations based on your own biochemistry, we empower you to enjoy lasting health and ideal weight for the rest of your life.


If you are ready to "jump start" your weight loss goals and finally achieve the weight that you desire, contact our office today!  Stop guessing and struggling with your weight loss efforts and get the clarity that you need to enjoy lasting results.

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