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When it comes to diets most people get it all wrong. This is a major mistake that people make that prevents them from losing the weight that they desire.
Dr. Tunis Hunt explains some simple strategies to avoid the unwanted weight over the holiday season.
Dr. Tunis Hunt explains the 3 mistakes people make when getting a good night sleep. Learn the tips he shared with the CBS audience.
Improve your sleep tonight by avoiding these 3 common mistakes. Learn the tips to get better sleep tonight.
Are you making one of these 3 major mistakes when you sleep? Learn how to avoid them and a simple strategy to improve your sleep tonight!
Do you make one of these three mistakes when you sleep. Learn simple tricks to help you sleep better tonight!
Dr Hunt discusses the secretes to burning fat, how much sugar to have, and what you can do to improve your overall energy and health!
Struggle with weight loss, energy, sleep, hormonal balances, or GI problems? Learn the 5 keys to boost your health!
Learn the "truth" about cholesterol testing and how to improve your heart health NATURALLY!
Dr. Tunis Hunt discusses why so many people continue to struggle with thyroid related symptoms despite being put on medication and having "normal" lab values. Discover what you can do to improve your thyroid health today!
Dr Tunis Hunt speaks about the #1 hormone that affects your body's ability to burn fat.
Ever wondered if there were strategies to help your diabetes? Dr. Hunt discusses the 2 steps to improving your health and what foods you should avoid.
Learn how to enjoy the Holidays and still lose weight! Dr. Hunt discusses the "secrets" to navigating the Holiday parties and how to burn fat in the New Year!
Dr. Hunt explains the 3 keys that you must have to ensure you reach your health goals. Learn the truth about genetics, stress, and why so many people fail to follow through with their health goals.
Learn simple secrets to improve your sleep! Learn more about Dr. Hunt at
Learn the cause of arthritis and how to improve it NATURALLY!
Struggle with IBS or other GI complaints? Discover a new approach to get to the "true" cause of your symptoms.
Dr. Hunt discusses why so many people suffer with autoimmunity and what NATURAL approaches you can take to improve your health. Learn how the immune system works and what simple vitamins your body needs.
Learn the 3 important keys to improving your Thyroid Health. What is the correct testing, how your other organs play a role, and the #1 reason why so many Americans have Thyroid disease!
Learn the real secrets to hormone health and testing. Discover the differences in what labs offer and the importance of getting to the root cause.