Dr. Tunis Hunt

Chiropractor in Charlotte

Dr. Tunis Hunt is on a mission to educate, inspire, and empower others to reach their health potential.  As a second generation chiropractor, he has seen first hand the power of chiropractic and the amazing results it can provide.  Dr. Hunt is a health and wellness enthusiast who is always looking for the latest strategies to optimize his health and the health of his patients.

“I believe that the body was created very intelligently and if given the opportunity can heal. We must simply identify the underlying culprits and remove them to allow the body to do what it was designed to do- work at an optimal level.” ~ Dr. Tunis Hunt

Dr. Estela Hunt

Chiropractor in Charlotte

Dr. Estela has a passion to help all the members of your family. As a mother of two, she knows the importance of having healthy kids and she has dedicated the last couple of years to extensive training in the care of pediatrics and prenatal chiropractic care with the ICPA. As a former athletic trainer and massage therapist she has extensive knowledge of the bio-mechanics of the body to help you heal and recover quickly.

“There is nothing more rewarding than a parent who exclaims how thankful they are when their child is no longer suffering from being colicky, irritable, or sick and they and their child can finally rest.”
– Dr. Estela Hunt

Chiropractic Care in Charlotte

Welcome to Hunt for Wellness! We are a community-based clinic serving the greater Charlotte area, dedicated to helping individuals and families optimal health through natural chiropractic care!

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