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Charlotte Doctors With A Natural Approach

The doctors at Hunt For Wellness are all graduates of Logan University. Combined, they have earned six bachelor degrees, three doctorates, and a board certification for manipulation under anesthesia. Over the years our doctors have had the privilege to work with a variety of patients including stars in the music industry, professional athletes, local politicians, the University of Miami athletic department, and Olympic High School.

Serving as an integral part of the Charlotte community for the past 30 years, our doctors have presided as past presidents of local organizations and continue to serve by occupying positions on several board of directors. The doctors at Hunt For Wellness enjoy providing a natural alternative approach to health care and have been blessed by witnessing thousands of patients’ lives enhanced with nutrition, lifestyle guidance, and chiropractic care.

Our doctors are available to speak to your clubs or organizations on a variety of health related topics.

Dr. Tunis Hunt Jr.

Dr Tunis Hunt Jr is a Charlotte area native with a desire to see people reach their optimal level of health.  He attended the University of South Carolina where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science before attending Logan University.

Dr Tunis Hunt Jr is the director our BioSpecific Health Program which offers a Natural approach to common diseases, symptoms, and conditions.  Dr. Tunis Jr has had extensive training in the areas of Nutrition, Thyroid health, Gastrointestinal health, and Hormonal Imbalances and have used his expertise to help individuals suffering with the most common symptoms such as: fatigue, depression, weight loss, IBS, diabetes, high cholesterol, and hormonal issues.

“I believe that the body was created very intelligently and if given the opportunity can heal.  We must simply identify the underlying culprits and remove them to allow the body to do what it was designed to do- work at an optimal level.” ~ Dr. Tunis Hunt Jr

Dr. Estela Hunt

Dr. Estela is a native of Florida where she attended high school in Miami and Rollins College in Winter Park.  After graduating from Rollins College she became a licensed massage therapist where she crafted her skill of muscle work and enjoyed working for the Disney resorts.  Her ultimate goal, however, was to become a chiropractor and eventually moved to St. Louis, MO where she attended Logan University.

Dr. Estela’s desire to become a chiropractor was one that stemmed from her own personal experience as a teenager.  After suffering from excruciating leg and hip pain with running or walking, her parents took her to a chiropractor.  Dr. Estela saw first hand the power of the chiropractic adjustment and not only did her leg and hip pain disappear- but she joined the cross country team!

Dr. Estela has a passion to help all people but her specialty is children.  As a mother of two, she knows the importance of having healthy kids.  She has dedicated the last couple of years to extensive training in the care of pediatrics and prenatal chiropractic care.  She is currently working on her diplomat in pediatrics with the ICPA.

“There is nothing more rewarding than a parent who exclaims how thankful they are when their child is no longer suffering from being colicky, irritable, or sick and they and their child can finally rest.” – Dr. Estela Hunt

Dr. Tunis Hunt Sr.

After moving throughout the country as a child and teenager he landed in Missouri where he attended the University of Missouri and then Logan University.  Upon graduating he moved his family to Charlotte were he has been administering chiropractic care for over 40 years.

Over the years Dr. T (as he is referred to in the office) has helped thousands of patients experience the healing effects of chiropractic.  Dr T. has worked with all ages over the years and truly loves being a chiropractic physician.

“Even after all of these years in practice I am continuously amazed on how powerful chiropractic is.  It is the ability to watch someone walk into our office in pain and then leave with substantial relief that continues to drive my passion and commitment to this profession.” – Dr. Tunis Hunt Sr


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